What’s So Special About Root Canal Treatment?
Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

Have you been told you may require a root canal? Are you worried about the horror stories you have heard about root canals?

If so, fear not. The latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry have simplified the process to the extent that it’s almost similar to receiving a tooth filling.

In case you are wondering what’s so special about a root canal treatment, here are some of the many advantages of the process:

  • – Root canal therapy will save your tooth
  • – Root canal relieves pain
  • – Root canal therapy restores tooth function
  • – Root canal treatment will enhance your smile
  • – Root canal prevents the spreading of infections

Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Tooth

Root canal treatment is usually used as the last resort to save one or more of your natural teeth.

A good cosmetic dentist will always try to preserve a natural tooth without extracting it.

The tooth infection will be removed, and the tooth is sealed and protected during a root canal.

This will prevent further complications and let you maintain your natural teeth and enhance your smile as a result.

Root Canal Relieves Pain

When the root of a tooth is infected, damaged or decayed, the resulting pain can be almost unbearable at times.

In fact, this pain is far more severe than the discomfort one feels during the root canal procedure itself.

Local anaesthesia is used during the root canal procedure to provide the patient with a pain-free experience.

Once you have a root canal, the pain associated with root decay or infection will disappear as the affected nerves are removed during the procedure.

The space left from where the affected nerves are removed will be filled with an inert material so the patient doesn’t experience any pain.

Root Canal Therapy Restores Tooth Function

When the root of a tooth is infected or decayed, it can have an impact on the overall functioning of the specific tooth. Your bite will also be affected as a result.

In this case, a root canal is needed to restore the health of the affected tooth.

The pulp of the tooth is removed and the resulting space is filled with a special medicated dental material to save the tooth.

This helps restore the full functionality of the tooth. this will save a tooth that otherwise would have died and be extracted.

Even though some people believe that removing a decayed tooth is the solution to the problem, it will cause significant problems to the adjacent teeth.

That’s where root canal treatment comes in handy. It’s more effective in restoring the full functionality of the affected tooth and will last a lifetime.

Root Canal Sunbury

Root Canal Therapy Will Enhance Your Smile

An infected tooth becomes badly discoloured with time and becomes more visible when you smile.

Many people who have decayed or infected teeth shy away from smiling in social situations due to this reason. This affects their self-esteem as a result.

That’s where a root canal becomes important. Root canal therapy will ensure that your smile and self-confidence is restored.

If the infected tooth becomes discoloured, the natural colour can be restored with teeth whitening or a dental crown.

Root canal therapy will enhance your smile as well as self-esteem over time.

Root Canal Therapy Will Prevent The Spreading Of Infections

The interior of a decayed tooth can be infected with bacteria. In this case, it can spread to other areas of the decayed tooth.

Infections can then spread to the other teeth, sinuses, and even to the brain. A root canal will prevent such infections from spreading.

It will protect your health and well-being in the long run. Read more about root canal treatment here: https://www.vineyarddentalsunbury.com.au/what-root-canal-treatment/

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