Why are dental crowns recommended after a root canal?
dental crowns recommended after a root canal

Dental crowns have become a staple of new-age dentistry because of their consistency, aesthetics, and high-end value after root canal treatments.

For patients going through a comprehensive root canal treatment, it’s important to consider the plus points of dental crowns for the treated tooth.

As the tooth has been worked on in such an intricate manner, a dental crown is able to provide tremendous protection in the days after your root canal treatment.

Here’s a detailed look into why dental crowns are a good option after getting root canal treatment done.

What is a Dental Crown?

dental crown explanation

A dental crown refers to a metallic or acrylic cover/cap that is designed to go on top of a regular tooth.

This is done by specifically shaping the crown to fit snugly where the actual tooth sits.

When in place, the crown is able to act in the same way a natural tooth would as it will be the same size and shape while offering identical functionality.

Following are the benefits of crowns after root canal treatment.

1. Comprehensive Protection of Weakened Tooth

The primary advantage and the one emphasised by dental professionals involves the protection of your weakened tooth.

When the root canal treatment is performed, it rigorously goes through the top surface of one’s decaying tooth.

This means the surface of the tooth won’t be in the same condition or shape as it was beforehand.

As a result, when a patient starts to use their tooth, it will be weakened tremendously.

This can lead to a number of issues involving the patient’s well-being and general comfort.

This means that your tooth can be easily damaged depending on how it is used by the patient as they go about their daily routine.

This is why dentists recommend a complete dental crown to go on top of your regular tooth.

2. Reduction in Pain/Discomfort

While contemporary dental techniques guarantee a safer, pain-free solution for handling root canal treatments, it is still an invasive procedure.

This means it can cause the area to become uncomfortable after the treatment has been completed.

While this is not going to last forever, it is something to take note of.

The tooth will be weakened and this means there is going to be a certain amount of pain and/or discomfort in the area when one is chewing.

To make sure this doesn’t become a lingering issue that is impossible to ignore, dentists will recommend the use of a dental crown.

This keeps the tooth in good condition while also minimising any pain or discomfort.

3. Improvement in Short-Term Speech

This is an underrated plus point of a dental crown but should be mentioned alongside the other advantages.

In general, a person that has gone through this type of treatment will notice a certain adjustment period in learning how to speak.

While this is not going to be a dramatic task, it is something that can be off-putting at first.

This has to do with how your tongue is trained to sit in the mouth while speaking. With changes in how the teeth sit, this can have an impact on your speech too.  

This is where a similarly shaped dental crown can go a long way in making the transition as smooth as possible.

Dental crowns are essential for a number of reasons and are even more important after comprehensive root canal treatment.

A qualified dental professional will go over all of these benefits while discussing the merits of dental crowns.

It’s essential to take all of these advantages into consideration before making an educated decision one way or the other.

In many cases, dental crowns can make sure the process goes smoothly and everything works out as intended.

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