Dr Harleen Kaur Sahota

Dr Harleen Kaur Sahota


Dr Harleen K Sahota is a female General Dentist who speaks Hindi and Punjabi (as well as English).

Harleen Sahota grew up in Sydney and attended her college abroad graduating with her degree in BDS in 2018. After that she moved back to Australia completing her Australian Dental Council Exams.

Harleen has experience working in both public and private sectors. She has organised and attended several dental camps in rural areas during her practice and believes she can make a difference in her patients’ lives. Harleen believes in providing the best possible care for each patient on a long-term basis.

She offers her patient to be active in their treatment decision process educating them as to how they can maintain a healthy smile for life. Harleen has great respect for her profession and spends countless hours studying and attending continued professional education courses.

Dr Harleen K Sahota