How to Select the Right Dental Crown
best dental crown

A missing tooth in adults can look unattractive, especially when they try to smile. 

However, this problem is now fixable with dental implants, and no one will even know that there is a missing tooth. 

The dental crowns used in these procedures look exactly like real teeth. 

Dentists cement these prosthetic objects in place of the missing teeth to ensure that patients get their natural smile back.

A Crown In The Making

Dental crowns are usually made after taking the impression of the teeth or tooth that they will cover. 

The patient needs to consult an experienced dentist such as those working in Vineyard Dental in Sunbury so that they can measure the tooth size accurately. 

Many dentists also use temporary crowns to confirm the size of the permanent one. 

This crown is not just a covering for the damaged tooth; it also offers strength and improves the overall appearance and alignment of the teeth. 

How To Select The Right Dental Crown

There are four types of dental crowns that patients can choose from. These vary in strength, appearance, and durability. 

Before selecting one of the crowns, let’s take a look at how they differ from one another:

1. Ceramic

Ceramic crowns are used to restore front teeth. One of the reasons why these crowns are widely popular is they can blend with the natural colour of your teeth. 

Vineyard Dental has a massive collection of ceramic crowns that come within the budget of most patients. 

They are made of porcelain-based material that lasts for years.

2. Porcelain-fused Metal

These crowns are connected to a metal structure to provide extra grip and strength. They offer a stronger bond than the regular porcelain crowns. 

Their durability is a crucial factor that keeps them ahead of other dental crowns. 

Patients who are ready to spend a few more bucks than ceramic should consider getting porcelain-fused metal crowns.

3. Gold Alloy

Many people tend to showcase a golden tooth whenever they speak or smile. 

That tooth is actually a dental implant where the person chose a golden alloy which a mixture of gold, copper, and several other materials. 

Although it provides the satisfaction of having a golden tooth, it comes at a hefty price

However, it is worth every penny that a patient spends because it not only offers a strong bond but also doesn’t wear away or fracture for many years ahead. 

This is a solid crown that a patient can opt for provided they can afford it.

4. Base Metal Alloys

These crowns are made of non-noble metals. They are corrosion resistant and offer a tight fit in the missing groove. 

Patients with poor oral health often select this material because it requires the least healthy tooth to be removed before the replacement process takes place.

Difference In Sealing

Apart from the differences in material, strength, and durability, the sealing ability of the crown is another factor that a patient should discuss with the dentist before getting a dental implant. 

Compared to the porcelain variants, the metal and gold alloy crowns provide better sealing, and that’s why they are more durable. 

However, the porcelain-fused metal is a suitable choice for many because it offers the right balance of strength, apt sealing, durability, and is also budget-friendly. 

Whatever material a patient decides, it is always wise to consult with a dentist because they can recommend the best material depending on your oral health. 

The dentists at Vineyard Dental Clinic can help patients decide from their wide range of dental crowns. 

They are well within the budget of most people, and the quality is unsurpassed. Plus, the advanced facilities and patient management of the clinic is second to none.

If you need advice on dental crowns, then look no further than Vineyard Dental Clinic.

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