The Dentist Role In Curbing Children Anxiety
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Dental anxiety isn’t just a problem for adults. Children also experience it. It can be very stressful for children in the dental chair if they’re not prepared. A lot of work goes into preparing children for their kids’ dentistry appointment. Dentists equally play a vital role as well as parents.

There is no need to panic if your child suffers from anxiety. Dentists are experienced in keeping children calm.

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The Dentist Role

  1. Smile and Be Happy – If a child walks into a happy and relaxed atmosphere, it is likely they’ll start to show signs of happiness. Dentists are always showcasing a happy and friendly mood, and this is a good start to relax children.
  2. Make Them Feel Comfortable – Children want a sense of comfort in their environment. Dentists usually use a booster seat, so children are positioned comfortably to perform treatment easier. When children are comfortable, it’s less likely they’ll be afraid and move around.
  3. Keep Parents Close By – Parents play an important role in ensuring children are well-equipped for the dentist. Children tend to feel more relaxed when parents are close by. Parents usually hold the kid’s hand and sit beside them, providing reassurance on how brave they are. Feeding positivity into a child keeps them happy.
  4. Talk To The Child In Soft Language – Once the child enters the dental chair, communicate with them in a friendly tone. Dentists will use vocabulary and wording in which they understand and try to explain the importance of looking after teeth positively. The objective is to try to make children aware of why looking after teeth is so important.
  5. Distract The Child During The Procedure – Whilst performing treatment on kids’ teeth, the dentist will encourage them and feed positive thoughts to help draw their attention away from treatment, The child can also bring their favourite toys to the practice. The more distracted they are during treatment, the better.
  6. Educate Them On Their Teeth – In soft tone and language that children understand, the dentist is responsible for making sure children understand why they’re visiting the dentist and the benefits of looking after teeth. This will help children adopt a more oral-friendly routine with regular brushing and less of sugary treats, something that a parent has greater responsibility for.

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Final Thoughts

Parents also have a pivotal role to play to prepare children for the dentist. At home, regularly remind your child on why looking after teeth is so important. Expect children’s developmental habits to change when they’re told about the importance of good oral health. They’re expected to take more responsibility to brush and floss regularly as they grow up.

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