Bonding in Sunbury

Small dental imperfections can hurt your confidence and how you perceive yourself. If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to fix cracks, chips, discolouration, and more, we can help.

Our services for teeth bonding in Sunbury can transform and restore your smile. Not sure if this procedure is right for you? Book a consultation today to discuss this exciting procedure.

What Is Teeth Bonding?

This process involves applying thin coatings of resin material directly over the surface of your teeth. The composite resin material cements permanently to your teeth to fix aesthetic imperfections.

With our teeth bonding in Sunbury, we will match the resin material to your tooth colour. It will blend into your smile seamlessly, and no one will notice that you’ve had veneers.

We can use veneers to brighten up your entire smile. Or, we can address issues with just a single tooth. The entire process is quick and pain-free, and you can walk out of the office with a refreshed smile in as soon little as two appointments.

What Can Teeth Bonding Accomplish?

Teeth bonding in Sunbury can correct a variety of issues, including:

  • Cracks: Pressure from grinding or chomping down on hard candy can cause small cracks to form. Through bonding, we can use resin to fill any small cracks.
  • Chips: Whether you chipped your tooth due to a sports injury or another traumatic event, tooth bonding can fill in the chipped area.
  • Discolouration: Veneers can conceal tooth discolouration. In some cases, your dentist will perform whitening services before creating your veneers. The veneers will be a better match to your teeth’s lighter shade.
  • A misshapen tooth: If you have an oddly-shaped tooth, we can use resin to cover its ends and sides to give it a complete look.
  • Exposed tooth root: If you have receding gums, your tooth root will gradually become more exposed. Our dentists use cosmetic bonding to conceal the exposed root and improve the tooth’s appearance.

How Teeth Bonding Works

During your initial visit, we will assess your teeth and determine which ones require bonding. We’ll ask you questions to determine your desired outcomes in terms of shape, size, colour, and proportions.

We perform teeth bonding in Sunbury using one of two methods:

  • In-surgery: This procedure only requires one appointment. A dentist will choose a resin colour, prepare your tooth, and apply the material to your tooth’s surface one layer at a time.
  • Dental laboratory: This procedure requires two appointments. During the first appointment, we will take an impression of your teeth. It will give us an exact mould so that we can create natural-looking veneers. We’ll send the mould to a lab that to make final composite veneers. After one or two weeks, you will come in for your second appointment, and we’ll cement your final veneers onto your teeth.

Book an Appointment Today!

Ready to fix a cracked tooth or address another cosmetic issue? Book an appointment today. We offer comprehensive teeth bonding in Vineyard Dental Clinic Sunbury to help restore your smile with confidence!

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