Children’s Dentistry

Need a children’s dentist in Sunbury? Our team of expert dentists in Sunbury is proud to offer exceptional children’s dentistry services, keeping your child’s teeth happy and healthy.

Our examinations include a comprehensive look at your child’s overall dental health as well as preventative care. We also provide Invisalign.

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At Vineyard Dental in Sunbury, we teach children excellent dental habits at an early age to ensure lifelong oral health.

Children should begin regularly seeing a children’s dentist in Sunbury beginning around the age of two. Your child’s smile needs a check-up after their first baby tooth surfaces. The sooner we can detect any problems such as tooth decay, the easier they are to treat. 

Why Are Regular Dental Checkups Important for Children?

Children’s “baby teeth” naturally fall out on their own during childhood. However, they are critical and require careful handling.

Baby teeth allow your child to speak and chew food properly. When these teeth are healthy, your child can eat various foods, thereby maintaining a balanced diet.

Baby teeth also guide jaw growth. They maintain spacing to ensure that adult teeth grow correctly aligned and positioned. If baby teeth fall out prematurely, due to decay or injury, it can negatively impact a child’s oral health. Routine check-ups prevent these issues and correct any problems with spacing and alignment.

Regular dental check-ups also instil good dental habits. Teaching your child about the importance of brushing and flossing early will help them develop lifelong good oral health practices. 

What Can You Expect from Your Child's First Check-Up?

We understand that a first dentist visit can be intimidating. That’s why we aim to make your child’s first experience at the children’s dentist in Sunbury positive and fun.

We suggest that parents prepare their children by role-playing dentist visits or reading children’s dental books before their visit. These activities can get a child excited about the visit.

Refrain from mentioning anything negative about dentist visits, as this can instil unnecessary fear. Children learn from their parents’ example. If you give them no reason to fear the dentist, it’s likely that they won’t.

Keeping the first visit simple is the best way to assuage any fears or hesitation your child may be experiencing. We like to slowly introduce children to dentistry and make their first visit a learning experience. We keep it simple, counting teeth and making sure all teeth are in good condition.

The first visit is also ideal for discussing any habits such as thumb-sucking or pacifier use. These behaviors may affect your child’s teeth and bite. We strive to get your child excited about caring for their smile.

Don’t worry if your child is nervous on their first visit. It is common, and it will often take a few visits for children to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

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