Dental Check Up & Cleaning in Sunbury

Regularly brushing and flossing are essential activities for your oral health. However, they sometimes aren’t enough to prevent serious oral diseases.

To preserve the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth, you need to schedule routine oral check-ups.

Our team at Vineyard Dental Clinic offers preventative care through regular dental check-ups in Sunbury. We will detect any oral health problems during these appointments and develop treatment plans before they get worse.

Learn more about our dental check-up in Sunbury or book an appointment today!

Why You Need Routine Dental Check-Ups

During routine check-ups, our team will detect any issues with your teeth, gums, or mouth. We can prevent and treat problems in their early stages. Without the right intervention, you may have to deal with a costly bill for expensive dental treatments or surgeries.

Poor oral health can lead to avoidable dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease. It can also result in whole-body medical issues like strokes, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular disease. To preserve your overall health and prevent serious medical issues, you should schedule routine dental check-ups.

At each biannual appointment, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your dental condition. We will help you manage your oral health needs by:

  • Discussing treatments that you may need
  • Providing oral health education
  • Offering an ongoing dental care routine that you can practice at home

To experience the benefits of a dental check-up in Sunbury, book an appointment with our team today.

What Happens During a Dental Check-Up?

At your dental check-up in Sunbury, we will ask about your general health. We consider factors like your medical history, diet, lifestyle habits, medications, and allergies to plan your future care.

From there, we will assess your whole mouth, including:

  • Your overall oral condition including signs of tooth decay or gum disease
  • The positioning of your teeth
  • Your bite
  • Your throat, tongue, lips, and cheeks
  • Jaw joints
  • Lymph nodes in the head and neck

Your check-up will also include time with an oral hygienist who will:

  • Thoroughly clean your teeth and gums to remove calculus and plaque
  • Assess your gum health
  • Discuss your diet and other lifestyle factors
  • Provide advice on oral health topics that apply to you

Our X-Ray Services

As part of your dental check-up in Sunbury, we will take a full set of X-rays.

X-rays are necessary for both preventative and diagnostic reasons. These images allow us to assess:

  • Jaw alignment
  • Jaw bone
  • Wisdom tooth development
  • Tooth roots
  • Soft tissue
  • And other aspects of oral health

If you have any serious oral health issues present, your dentist will work with you to create an effective treatment plan.

Book Your First Appointment Today!

Even if it has been years since you’ve visited a dentist, it’s not too late to take charge of your oral health. Call us now and book your first appointment for a dental check-up in Sunbury! We’ll introduce you to your oral hygienist and dentist so you can feel comfortable discussing your oral health needs going forward.

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