Dental Bridges 101: Understanding the Costs Involved

These days, missing teeth have become a common dental issue that most people have. Such a problem can significantly affect the oral functionality and appearance of the individual. A missing tooth also makes changes to food biting and teeth shifting. In case of a gap in your mouth, your dentist may recommend a dental bridge, which has become a popular tooth replacement option to bridge the gap created by the missing teeth.

Although dental bridges can be a great way to replace missing teeth, they can be a little costly. Being informed about the dental bridge cost is essential to prepare yourself financially for the procedure.

Why Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge?

If you have missing teeth, the dental bridge can be a welcome alternative to the dental implant because it is less costly. Other than that, it is crucial to fill the gap of the missing teeth because the teeth keep shifting constantly. If the hole is left, the surrounding teeth start moving to the space, and it can cause bite problems, chewing difficulties, and pain from the stress on the jaw and teeth.

People can lose their teeth from all sorts of things, like trauma. However, tooth extraction can be the only solution if the tooth is badly damaged because of decay or gum disease. Either way, a dental bridge is an excellent way to fill this space and enhance dental health.

What is the Cost of the Dental Bridge?

When we talk about the average cost of placing a dental bridge, it is reliant on several factors. Mainly, the material used to make it affects price, whereas the health of your surrounding teeth also plays an important role. Metal is a popular choice for a dental bridge because it is chip resistant. On average, the dental bridge cost can be anywhere, begins at $1,800. If you are going for a traditional bridge, it may require two dental crowns.

The number of teeth in your bridge contributes to the cost of your dental bridge. It doesn’t matter how one swings it; It’s clear that a dental bridge costs a reasonable sum of money. Although the dental bridge has cosmetic benefits, it is still not considered a cosmetic treatment. That is the reason why the majority of dental insurance plans cover almost all the cost of the dental bridge.

Would it be Difficult to Eat When You Have a Dental Bridge?

Eating with a dental bridge can be tricky if they make it so. Once the dental bridge is placed, they can eat and drink normally. Some have experienced problems when eating hard or crunchy foods, but the same is true with natural teeth. Therefore, in some cases, it is better to avoid certain foods that can be hard to cut. These include seeds, nuts, chewy vegetables, and hard cheese.

Although these foods can be challenging, they can constantly chew or cut. It is better to employ a different technique than the one done while eating softer foods. Those with a fixed dental bridge can easily chew, lick, swallow, and sip. On the other hand, eating can be problematic if it is a removable dental bridge because there are chances that the bridge might pop out.

Dental Bridge Solution in Sunbury, VIC 3429, Australia

A dental bridge can be a long-term solution to your tooth loss. Vineyard Dental is ready to do anything to make you smile, so we offer you the best care at an affordable price. Our dental team will craft a treatment plan for you that will suit your needs. We will make sure that the dental bridge restores your mouth as well as your overall oral health.

If you like to learn more about the dental bridge cost or procedure, call us or get a free consultation!

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