Do Dental Implants Hurt?

The loss of a tooth inevitably affects our dental aesthetics and part of our lifestyle, as it will turn mealtimes into a real challenge. One of the solutions to this problem is to use dental implants. But even though it is common to use them, there are still people who are afraid of this type of treatment. The most common concern about the procedure is: Do dental implants hurt? 

The truth is that dental implants don’t cause pain during their placement, nor during the postoperative recovery, nor with their subsequent use when biting and chewing. Even if there is pain, it shouldn’t be considered a dental emergency.

And that is the good news about implants! These are not only placed on patients under a painless procedure. They also contribute to improving dental health, their appearance, and the quality of patient life. 

Still not sure? Don’t worry! Here, we will explain everything you can feel while getting an implant installation, including any pain or discomfort.

STEP 1. The placement of the implant: a painless intervention.

You may think that placing a dental implant hurts because it is a complicated procedure, but the truth is that it is quick and easy.

Remember that your dentist will apply dental anesthesia, which will help you feel more relaxed and less nervous during your intervention. The application of anesthesia is recommended for patients who have high levels of stress and anxiety. Thanks to this, the process will be easier and more comfortable for you.

STEP 2. Post-operation.

Once the surgical intervention is concluded, you may feel some discomfort or inflammation in the area. But you don’t have to worry too much about this discomfort; it’s only momentary! After the effect passes, you’ll be recommended to take analgesics to minimize possible discomfort. 

But, for how long does a dental implant hurt? The truth is that if everything goes well, the effects should disappear totally in less than seven days. 

But you must consider that if the work was broad and you had more than one implant, the discomfort may last longer.

Depending on each case, the person in charge of implanting the prosthesis will be the one who will advise you on what inconveniences you may present in the postoperative period. If seven days after the surgery, you still feel some discomfort, go back for a revision. 

However, the discomfort presented after the surgery can be mitigated by following these tips:

-If you want to relieve the swelling, apply some ice wrapped to the area of the face that is most swollen.

-If this is not enough, your dentist may recommend that you take a painkiller to help reduce the pain.

-After the operation, the area where the prosthesis is placed will be more sensitive. So, it is advisable to avoid strong mouthwashes that can cause slight bleeding.

STEP 3. A new tooth!

When the prosthesis is osseointegrated, it is attached to the natural bone thanks to the healing process. A couple of months after, the implant acts like a normal tooth having a firm and secure bite. 

STEP 4. Revisions!

To last your implants, you should go for regular check-ups. These appointments don’t hurt since the only thing they check is if the implant is well adjusted and clean. 

If your dental implants hurt…

If your intervention was performed correctly, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. Remember that feeling pain is not normal, so if you think there is something wrong with your implant, it is always advisable to go to your doctor.

We hope that this post has taken away your doubts and that you can diminish a little bit your fear before the placement of an implant. Have you already had an implant? If you have it, tell us about your experience and tell us if your dental implants hurt. 

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