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What our Macedon Dental clinic provides

Our comprehensive dental practice provides a wide range of dentistry including tooth extractions, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry:

  • Comprehensive Check-Ups – A physical examination that evaluates the condition of your oral health and removes plaque and tartar
  • Emergency Dental Service – A brief consultation and diagnostic tests such as x-rays to assess the condition of teeth and determine the best treatment option
  • Dental Fillings – Our amalgam and composite dental fillings near Macedon fill unwanted holes, stop the exposure of nerves and prevent further decay
  • Root Canal Treatment – The removal of infected pulp and the insertion of a permanent filling in the cavity as the last option to save a tooth before extraction is required
  • Dental Crowns and Bridge – A porcelain-made covering that strengthens weakened teeth as a result of decay or breakage
  • Night-Guards – A custom made acrylic tray to stop grinding and clenching during sleep, preventing serious dental damage
  • Mouthguards – An acrylic tray custom made from a highly accurate mould of your teeth that cushions them from impacts as a result of physical contact sports
  • Dentures – A full or partial denture near Macedon to replace one or more missing natural teeth, restoring functionality and aesthetics for people of almost any age
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – The removal of one or more wisdom teeth if and when they’re impacted or at risk of infection
  • Dental Fissure Seals – An effective way of blocking out deep grooves that are hard to clean, preventing food from getting trapped and causing decay
  • Extraction – The removal of one or more teeth that are beyond saving via other means
  • Orthodontics – Various types of braces that can correct misaligned teeth, excessive overbite or underbite and overcrowding while minimising the risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Implants – Our dental implants near Macedon are simulated roots made from titanium that fuse to the jawbone when placed, upon which a crown or bridge is placed
  • Dental Veneers – Our dental veneers near Macedon can correct minor misalignments, fill chips or cracks, correct discolouration, reduce gaps and add shape to the teeth
  • Gummy Smile Treatment – A surgical treatment to reposition the gum line and improve your smile using modern anaesthetic techniques to avoid discomfort
  • Teeth Whitening – A treatment to correct discoloured teeth caused by diet, smoking, poor hygiene, medications and other factors

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