The Causes Of An Emergency Root Canal

Before getting to the things that turn a root canal into an emergency, let us take a bite of relevant information to determine the causes of an emergency root canal.

A relevant detail that often goes missing is that every tooth can behave entirely differently from each other. And the dentist treats them as a particular case. But when it comes to the causes of an emergency root canal procedure, a chain reaction is possible and fearable!

emergency root canal treatment

The tooth

The layers of the tooth are the Enamel and the Dentin. Which are the defensive walls for the Pulp Chamber, where the sensitive nerve rests peacefully, or at least it should!

The enamel and the dentine comprehend the outer part of the tooth. It is also known as the Crown. A poor dental health habit, a wrong chewing movement, or, more likely, a combination of both may produce a crack in the Crown.

It might sound very innocent, but it does not take much to transform a simple crack into an overture wide enough to allow food to store inside the tooth. Then, complications begin.

The rotting of food remains causes infection. When the Crown begins to weaken, it does not take much time before it starts crumbling! Every time you eat, a piece of the tooth probably falls without you noticing it.

The most rational thing is to go to the dentist at the first sign of pain. But, sadly, most of us are not centred enough when it comes to oral health. Some days are worst than others. But regardless of the harm you feel, the disease is there.

The emergency

When the infection carves out its way to the nerve, the root canal, often known as a cosmetic procedure, becomes an emergency.

The options

Perhaps getting an implant seems a more lasting and efficient solution. But it is an expensive one.

Instead, the root canal sessions not only allow you to keep your natural teeth but also helps you to treat any dormant infection you might have. Your dentist does not only worry about the tooth he or she is treating. They also know that if you have oral complications, the problem might go beyond your mouth.

The root canal treatment consists of the removal of the infected parts of the tooth. Extensive cleaning of the area might include the unsharpening of edges.

Once the area is clean, the dentist covers up the Pulp Chamber and avoids further infections to happen in that tooth. The material they use is for that.

a lady with natural white teeth

The causes

A poor oral health habit causes the enamel to weaken, but a formant infection can sicken the tooth from its root.

When that happens, the pain says hello early. The infection produces the inflammation of the blood vessels inside the pulp chamber. The gum can endarken, but what triggers the alarm is the sensation of the nerve pressing against the wall.

The intensity of that pain can vary according to your heart rate, but, just for you know, when the infection has advanced enough, the painkiller does not affect the area. Once you feel the dentist tool drilling its way towards the pulp chamber, you understand the causes of an emergency root canal.

If you’re seeking an emergency root canal but want to know about you’ll be sedated or slept for it, everything you need to know is right here. If you have a severe dental emergency, you may need to visit the hospital. Alternatively, contact us now and we will accommodate you.

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