Can You Go To Hospital For A Dental Emergency?

The vast majority of hospitals do not have a dental service. However, some hospitals may have a dental area or a specialist in dentistry integrated into their services. But if not, can you go to the hospital for a dental emergency? Here’s what you need to know.

A dental emergency requires immediate attention

Generally, a dental emergency that requires a visit to the hospital is related to trauma, cracked tooth, or broken jaw. In any case, a dental emergency has less to do with toothaches or cosmetic problems such as pain in dental implants, unless you feel severe pain, and has more to do with injury or bleeding.

Although these are the most common experiences in dental emergencies, they are not the only ones. Sometimes, there are situations when you may not have the option to go to your dentist. 

Can you go to a hospital for a dental emergency? Yes, but not in all emergency cases. If the hospital does not have a dentist, they can still attend to your dental emergency. But you should keep in mind that they are not specialized in dentistry. After you have treated your dental emergency in the hospital, you should go to your dentist or Dental Clinic.

So, in what emergency case can you go to an emergency room? We explain it to you below.

patient experiencing a dental emergency ntal

Can you go to the hospital for a dental emergency? When to go to a hospital.

Certain conditions make a dental problem a situation that deserves to be treated in an emergency hospital. You should go to a hospital if you have an injury that emanates a lot of blood. Also, if you have unbearable pain, caused, for example, by an abscess. When pain is severe, the hospital may provide pain relief treatment while you await a dentist.

You can also go to a hospital for dental emergencies if you have: A considerable infection, injured or fractured jaw, if you swallow with great pain, or if you have lost a tooth, for example, due to a hit.

You need to know that there are dental emergencies that cannot be resolved in a hospital. An example of this is a root canal emergency.

Most treatments, operations, and solutions for dental problems can only be performed by a dentist. This is one of the main reasons why some dental emergencies that require, for example, a tooth extraction, cannot be solved in a hospital. Since by doing so, the staff would be acting illegally.

patient experiencing unbearable tooth pain

Whether you go to a hospital for a dental emergency or to the dentist office, it is just like any other emergency and must be attended to immediately. Especially since the response time makes the difference between life and death or the prevention of a more severe problem. 

In conclusion, if you have a dental emergency, contact a Vineyard dentist. Go to a hospital if you lose a lot of blood, but contact a dentist after you go. In any case, do your best to find a 24-hour emergency dentist. We strongly recommend you to look for a dental clinic to consider in cases of emergency. 

You can look online or on the yellow pages.

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