Dietary Choices For Whiter Teeth

The food and drink you consume play a vital role in your oral health. Certain food and drink have proven to leave stubborn stains and bacteria on teeth, damaging your smile. Therefore, your dietary choices need to be in favour of keeping your teeth clean and white.

You’re probably thinking; food and drink to make teeth white? Research has found that natural properties within the following dietary choices can help brighten your smile. Let’s take a look at what these choices are and how they can whiten teeth.



Broccoli is not only a great dietary choice for your overall health, its high vitamin, fibre and calcium content considers this a great choice for your oral health as well. The fibre content helps to reduce inflammation in your mouth and reduces the opportunity of enamel erosion. Broccoli also has a good amount of iron to help strengthen the enamel and protect from bacteria, keeping stains off teeth. All-in-all a great dietary choice for strong and clean teeth.


Apples contain abrasive properties that can lighten the shade on teeth when chewing on them. They also contain properties that help fight off bacteria and to keep teeth clean such as saliva production. Apples also have a high concentration of malic acid which may also be found in some toothpaste to increase saliva and keep the stains off for whiter teeth.


Cheese contains properties to keep teeth strong such as calcium and phosphorous that also protect your tooth enamel. It is recommended you consume cheese as part of a balanced diet, but not too frequently as cheese isn’t exactly a healthy form of food. Hard cheeses are considered better for whitening as they help remove food particles and fight off tooth decay.


Water contains zero properties that can stain or damage teeth. Drinking at least two to three litres of water every day cleanses your body from toxins and is also offers a great source of calcium for teeth. Water also promotes saliva production to fight off bacteria and keep teeth white. Therefore, at all times, ensure you drink water with a meal and as a beverage throughout the day.


Strawberries may be considered as a dark fruit that stains teeth, but like apples, strawberries also contain malic acid. These are antioxidants that reduce stains, bacteria and inflammation in the mouth. Strawberries also contain vitamin C to help prevent periodontal disease. Consume as part of a balanced diet.

Fruit With Water Content

Eat more fruit and vegetables that contain large water content such as watermelon, pears and cucumber because they help to stimulate saliva production inside the mouth. Saliva helps to protect food particles from sticking to teeth. When food particles stick to teeth, plaque can build-up and lead to bacteria. Therefore, consume more water content as part of your diet.

The food and drink you consume play an important role in how your teeth look and feel. Whilst they do not contain special bleaching agents, the properties help to fight off stains and bacteria that can degrade how your teeth look. Therefore, add these to your diet to keep teeth white for as long as possible.

in-chair bleaching

Are you seeking a solution to whiten your teeth? Add the above food and drink as part of a balanced diet. You can go one step further and get teeth whitening treatment to help discolouration. Alternatively, if you’re wondering how to keep teeth white at home, you can find out how by clicking here.

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