Do’s And Don’ts Of Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your third molar hasn’t erupted underneath the gumline, it is likely that the tooth will need to be extracted through wisdom teeth removal treatment. The thought of losing a tooth can be terrifying experience, but when the tooth that hasn’t erupted causes problems to your neighboring teeth, then it needs to be removed.

You will find that wisdom teeth extraction is the best decision in the long run. Dentists attempt to make tooth extractions as painless and comfortable as possible.

Now, if you’re in line for wisdom teeth removal treatment, you’ll want to learn the most up to date information for recovery to be strong and swift. Therefore, we pick out the do’s and don’ts of wisdom teeth removal treatment.

What Are The Do’s After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

For a strong and quick recovery, follow these steps following wisdom teeth extraction:

  • Get Enough Rest For The First Three Days – This should go without saying. It is advised that you rest for 24-48 hours after the treatment and refrain from engaging in any rigorous or demanding activities. To recuperate fast, the body requires rest.
  • Avoid Hard Solids And Chewy Foods — After surgery, your mouth will be sensitive, making it difficult to eat hard foods. Soup, yogurt, eggs, potatoes, and dairy items are all acceptable choices for at least three to four days.
  • Use A Cold Compress – To minimize swelling, place ice or other frozen goods in your mouth. Asa home remedy, repeat for 10 minutes at a time.
  • Allow The Blood Clot To Form – The clot must form for the wound to heal. Gauze pads will most likely be used to stop any bleeding and the dentist will provide you with this as part of your aftercare. If blood appears on one pad, replace it with a new one until the bleeding stops.

The Don’ts After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Here are things that you shouldn’t do after wisdom teeth extraction as this can impact and slow down the development of the blood clot that needs to form.

  • Chewy And Hard Food Diet – The last thing you want is for the wound to reopen while it heals. Eating solid foods will help you achieve this. Following the extraction process, hard nuts, chewy sweets, sugary treats, and meat should not be consumed.
  • Smoking And Drinking Alcohol — If you continue to use these products, your recovery will be much slower, and your blood clot may be affected.
  • Brushing and Flossing For The First 24 Hours – The impacted extraction area should be avoided for at least 24 hours following the procedure. Brushing and flossing around the area using a soft bristle brush should be done softly.
  • Strenuous Activity – As part of taking rest, this also means not performing any strenuous activity such as doing chores and exercise. Resting requires you to remain elevated when lying down and restricting your movement.

What About Any Side Effects of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

There’s a risk you’ll get some minor side effects including a fever, nausea, or vomiting. Once the local anaesthetic wears off, you may feel sick. This, however, should subside after a few hours. The duration of these adverse effects can range from a few hours to a day. Some patients have reported more bleeding than usual, although this isn’t always expected. If the problems persist, it is recommended that you remain in contact with your surgeon to get the best advice to support you in your recovery.

What To Do If The Blood Clot Becomes Dislodged…

Blood clots form over the extracted site as part of healing. This area is very delicate for the first few days of treatment. Therefore, it is likely that if you deter from aftercare, the blood clot will become dislodged. It is important that the area isn’t touched until the blood clot fully heals. If its dislodged, consult your surgeon so that further checks can be made to extracted site.

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