Tooth Filling: Cost and Importance

Tooth fillings are a regular part of dentistry performed a lot more with children. They’re designed to restore a tooth to as natural a state as possible to limit tooth decay. 

Tooth fillings are a good indication that your oral health habits may not exactly be as strong as they should be. Luckily, the restorative nature in dentistry means that the structure of a decayed tooth can be saved, so its health remains intact.

Let’s break down everything you need to know about tooth fillings, including their symptoms and how much does a filling costs.

When Would You Need A Tooth Filling?

Tooth decay doesn’t have many symptoms at its early stages. It becomes more apparent that a tooth filling is needed when the decay progresses further. Let’s take a look at these symptoms:

  • Dental Cavity – Do you have a tiny opening or hole forming in the centre of the tooth root? Your tooth is exposed to more and more bacteria.
  • Tooth Sensitivity – Do your teeth feel sensitive when eating certain foods at hot and cold temperatures?
  • Filling Has Dislodged – You may have had a tooth filling applied, but it has dislodged and requires a new tooth filling. When dislodged, this can cause extreme sensitivity.
  • A Chipped or Cracked Tooth – Has a crack or chip appeared within your tooth? You should be able to tell if a deep or light line appears down the tooth surface or a chip on the biting point.
  • Throbbing Pain – Does toothache constantly flare up inside the mouth when you eat or speak?

What Are Fillings?

Tooth filling treatment simply involves filling a hole or gap to maintain the structure of your tooth and maintain natural mouth functioning. Many kinds of tooth filling materials are available for a tooth filling, such as composite, amalgam, porcelain, or solid gold. Ultimately, the material choice would depend on the severity of the concern. The dentist would be best placed to discuss this with you at your appointment.

So, How Much Does A Filling Cost?

The million-dollar question for patients is how much does a filling cost? You’ve identified that you need filling treatment, but you can’t work out how much treatment could set you back financially.

Well, there are a variety of factors to go with a set base cost of having a filling applied, such as:

  • Location – Locations such as Sydney and Melbourne have a more inflated cost for dentistry treatment, and compared to other areas in Australia, these two are typically the most expensive.
  • Tooth Location – Fillings that may be required towards the back of the mouth (the molars) are likely to be slightly more challenging to treat and may impact the overall cost.
  • Number of Fillings Needed – You may require more than one filling, which means more than one tooth needs treating.

A single filling cost starts from $145. Although, the final price would depend on the overall complexity of the treatment and the factors outlined above. This cost could double if you need a double filling.

Can Health Insurance Cover The Tooth Filling Cost?

Most private insurance policies cover preventative treatments such as tooth fillings. How much it’ll set you back depends on the level of cover you’ve been given, general policy elements, and the provider. Therefore, it is worth popping the question to your insurance provider if you can’t afford tooth filling treatment so they can help cover the cost.

If you need a tooth filling treatment, consult your dentist as soon as possible to avoid any further complications that may make the situation worse—the earlier the treatment, the stronger the tooth.

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