Oral Health Habits For Children

As a parent, it is important that you teach the right oral health habits to your children. Doing this allows you and the child to prevent any future oral health concerns and ensure that their mouth development continues. When your child’s first tooth grows, did you know it is immediately at risk of tooth decay?

This is dependent on how well you and your child look after the mouth with the right oral health habits.

Ensure that the following oral health habits are applied for your child for a healthy growing smile.

Happy child at the dentist

Schedule Their First Appointment

Although a child is not expected to visit the dentist frequently, it is recommended that you book them every six months minimum. Their first appointment should be booked once their first tooth grows through the gum. One thing to consider is that children, no matter what age, can experience anxiety when they’re visiting somewhere new. Even though it may be difficult to reason with your child at such a young age, try your best to be a positive role model for them throughout their first appointment.

Brushing Teeth With Fluoride Toothpaste

As a parent, you need to take extra care with brushing your child’s teeth, especially if the first tooth has grown. With a soft-bristle brush, use a very tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste on their favourite kid toothbrush and brush in and around the tooth in a circular motion. This should be done for a minimum of two months. Gums are also important, so ensure they are kept clean by rinsing their mouth out. Although, only do this if your child is more than 6 years old as there is a danger swallowing the liquid as a toddler.

Avoid Thumb-Sucking

Thumb-sucking is in fact a very common habit for toddlers. Toddlers usually use it as a way to calm themselves and to help reduce any tense or anxious feeling. Sometimes, it can just become a common habit. As toddlers grow, they are expected to stop doing this. Although, prevent it from re-occurring if it starts again. Thumb-sucking impacts growth and alignment of their tooth. This means their teeth can grow in a crooked position.


Flossing becomes important when your toddler grows more than one tooth. When two teeth grow together, flossing prevents any food becoming stuck in-between teeth. This is a trigger for cavities forming. As a parent, floss for them regularly until your child is able to floss themselves. It is recommended that if your child reaches 6 years or older that they should floss more often.


As kids grow up, oral health habits should grow with them. By the age 3, your kids baby teeth set should have grown in place. Baby teeth eventually fall out to make way for growth of adult teeth when your child is about 6 years old. It is important that you continue to teach oral health habits as early as possible to your child, so they recognise the importance of a healthy mouth.

Are you seeking advice on how to keep your kid’s teeth healthy? Read here for the parent’s guide to keep your child’s teeth healthy at home. At Vineyard Dental, we are motivated to transform your child’s confidence and smile. Contact our Sunbury Dental clinic for the very best treatment and advice.

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