Benefits To Flossing Your Teeth

Do you floss your teeth twice a day? There are many benefits to flossing your teeth, however, many people generally avoid flossing and believe only brushing teeth is acceptable. We’re here to tell you that flossing your teeth should be an essential step as part of your oral routine for a happy and healthy mouth.

When you consume food, it is likely that food debris will remain in the mouth and between your teeth. Sometimes, when brushing teeth, there are stubborn areas inside the mouth that your teeth simply cannot reach. This is potentially dangerous if you don’t notice this. Here’s why.

When food debris remains within your mouth for a certain period of time, plaque begins to build up. Plaque is a sticky yellow and pale substance that forms around your teeth, which is the first stage of tooth decay. Plaque will eventually combine with bacteria to attack your teeth, leading to further damage. When teeth become decayed, they may not be repairable and its likely you’ll need extraction treatment.

You can avoid this by simply flossing your teeth right after you’ve brushed. At a check-up and clean appointment, the dentist is likely to recommend that you perform flossing as well. If you do this, here are the benefits you can enjoy.

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Reduces Gum Disease

Plaque doesn’t just impact how your teeth look, but can also cause gum disease, formerly known as gingivitis. Gingivitis occurs when your gums become inflamed and swollen, and this is a trigger that occurs when plaque builds on your teeth. Simply flossing your teeth to remove food debris will avoid this and protect your gums.

Reduces Bad Breath

If you eat meals that comprise strong odours such as garlic, ginger or onion, it is likely the bacteria will land on your tongue, and your tongue is the main source of bad breath if not kept clean. Although, a bad odour may also occur when the debris is stuck around your teeth as well. Whilst rinsing your mouth or performing tongue scraping, ensure you floss your teeth to remove food debris for fresher breath.

Reduces Tartar Build-Up

When plaque remains around your teeth for a certain period of time, it eventually hardens itself to become tartar. Smoking is also a key culprit for tartar build-up (you can find out more here). Tartar is much harder to remove off your teeth through brushing and flossing. Therefore, ensure you start flossing early before this happens.

Reduces Cardiovascular Problems

Your overall health, not just your oral health, can become impacted when the harmful bacteria that’s built up penetrates within your bloodstream. With your mouth being the direct channel to your organs, your oral routine, which includes the food you eat, needs to be managed accordingly. This means ensuring that you eat healthy food containing calcium and the right vitamins, and keeping sugar off your teeth. Sugar feeds off the plaque and bacteria.

Flossing is more than just a handy option for your oral routine. It is absolutely essential to perform twice a day. You can then look forward to a happy and healthy mouth every single day with fresher breath. It is also recommended that you rinse your mouth within 30 minutes after you’ve eaten. This will help rinse away the food debris within stubborn areas of your mouth. If you’re seeking tips to reduce plaque build-up at home, we have you covered right here.

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