Should Children Wear Mouthguards?

At a young age, children are always going to be physically active. Whether it be at home or when playing physical sports, if you haven’t considered a dental mouthguard for your child, their teeth could be at significant risk.

You can never tell when your child could end up with dental damage due to a physical accident. It is important to safeguard your child’s teeth in the event of an accident ever occurring.

If your child is physically active, here are five reasons why they should wear a dental mouthguard.

Dentist holding knocked out tooth

Protection From A Knocked Out Tooth

A physical accident can occur at any time, particularly within sports, and you want to safeguard your child from any tooth trauma as a result of this. If your child plays sports such as rugby and football, they’re likely to come into physical contact with another person. A mouthguard will prevent any impact to your teeth.

Protection From Jaw Fractures

Jaw fractures can often result in major surgery, and it also stops natural mouth functioning until the surgery is complete and the jaw is healed. For children in particular, the pain may be too severe to bear. Another reason to wear a mouthguard so that the jaw muscles are kept protected in the event of physical contact.

Comfortable Fit

The dentist can produce custom mouthguards that fit according to the structure of your child’s mouth. When biting down on the mouthguard, it is important that it is comfortable to wear, especially when playing contact sports. Children wouldn’t want the mouthguard to distract them when they’re playing.

Keeps Teeth Healthy

The most important benefit of dental mouthguards is that it keeps teeth healthy. You should also consider making sure your child wears a dental mouthguard during sleep. This can prevent excessive wear and tear if your child suffers from bruxism, a condition where teeth grind during sleep.

Prevents Soft Tissue Injuries

Some of your teeth contain sharp edges. When wearing a mouthguard, you’re more likely to prevent soft tissue injuries because those edges are covered. Soft tissue injuries occur when you bite your cheek, tongue or a split lip, something that is more likely to occur when you’re wearing a mouthguard during physical contact.

Wear and tear on teeth

Mouthguards Are Important…

Every mouth is different, which is why you should consult your dentist for a custom-fitted mouthguard for you child. The custom removes any worry of an uncomfortable fit, and the added bonus for your child is they can choose their favourite colour to wear! A mouthguard will need to replace every two to three months as your child’s facial structure changes as they grow up.

Therefore, make sure your child visits the dentist to avoid injury and to keep their teeth healthy.

Is your child a regular visitor to the dentist? If not, their oral health could be in danger and they’re missing out on some vital tips, plus the dentist will need to check up on their oral health to determine if further treatment is necessary before they wear a mouthguard.

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