How Much Does A Dental Filling Cost?

If a dental cavity has formed on your tooth, you’ve likely considered getting a dental filling and are wondering how much it costs. It is a natural question to ask, especially for patients who haven’t had a dental filling before.

Dental fillings are a popular choice of treatment if a patient has a moderately decayed tooth in the form of a dental cavity, which is a tiny opening or hole formed on the surface of your teeth. 

Dental cavities are caused by several things, such as bacterial plaque build-up, frequent snacking on sugar and not brushing and flossing your teeth properly.

Now, you’re in a position where you need a filling. So, what’s the ballpark dental filling cost in Australia?

Dental Filling Costs

The dental filling cost ranges between $115 and $300 in Australia. If the filling cost is out of your budget, you can check to see if dental fillings cover your private insurance. 

The dental filling cost has several tangible factors linked to it. Let’s look at what they are.

The Location Of Treatment

The major cities in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne. The cost of living in those cities is the most expensive compared to other locations in Australia and, subsequently, expect dental filling costs to also be as well. The treatment plan may include the procedure and additional check-ups which will require you to pay more for treatment.

Complexity Of The Treatment

Now, if the tooth filling is required in the back molar, called a distal tooth, it is harder to access and makes it more difficult to fill. Those that impact the lingual surfaces will take more time to access and fill. The length of time of treatment will impact the cost as well.

Number Of Fillings Required

A single dental filling ranges between $115 to $300. If you require double dental fillings, then this can double for two fillings and triple if you need three fillings and so on. Cavities are commonplace in Australia, and a single filling takes about 20 minutes to fill. The time will double if you have more than one filling to treat.

What Is The Cost Between The Filling Types?

Multiple types of dental filling material carry different costs individually. 

  • Gold Fillings – Gold fillings are very durable and have a lifespan of at least 15 years. A gold filling can cost between $300 to $1000 in Australia.
  • Porcelain Fillings – Porcelain fillings are very durable and lifelike, which is the reason why they’re the most popular form of filling. Porcelain fillings can cost between $145 to $395.
  • Composite Fillings – Composite fillings are the cheapest form of dental filling but aren’t as durable. They’re expected to last for up to 5 years and cost between $130 to $300.

To get an accurate projection of dental filling costs, consult your dentist to get a comprehensive understanding of the available dental filling materials and the overall projected cost depending on your treatment plan.

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