How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost In Australia?

Stubborn stains on teeth can be frustrating to get rid of at home. Naturally, its impacts your smiling confidence and how you feel about yourself, but you want to do something about it. Well, have you considered teeth whitening treatment?

There are a variety of cosmetic treatments available to help resolve those niggling imperfections that damage your smiling confidence. However, if you’re wanting to remove those stains that are coating the whiteness of your smile, teeth whitening is a non-invasive affordable choice of treatment to lighten the shade on your teeth.

If you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened, the first question that comes to mind is probably, “How much does teeth whitening cost in Australia?

Well, let’s continue reading on to give you a teeth whitening cost breakdown to help you. 

What Teeth Whitening Treatment Choices Do I Have?

There is a range of treatments available to whiten your teeth, including going to the dentist and buying DIY teeth whitening products from your local drug store. Whitening gels, strips, and pens are now available on the market as well.

The most effective choice is in-chair dental whitening, which requires a trip to the dentist for a non-invasive, safe treatment that can deliver long-term results to your smile. It is a safe process because it is conducted by dental specialists who utilise proven ways to lighten the colour of your teeth.

How Much Does In-Office Teeth Whitening Cost?

In Australia, there is no set price for teeth whitening. The cost of treatment is determined by several factors. A smile is a physical asset, and the appearance of your smile is a vital indicator of your self-esteem.

In-Office Teeth whitening starts from $250. Other considerations, such as the level of shade required can affect the cost, so it’s advisable to speak with your local dentist for a final price.

What is also a factor is your location. Treatment in the likes of Sydney and Melbourne typically costs more compared to other areas of Australia. 

The dentist may also identify that there are dental health issues that need to be addressed before getting teeth whitening treatment. This is something the dentist will determine as part of a pre-examination.

While good oral hygiene at home can help keep your teeth white, whitening treatment in the dentist’s chair is a safe and quick approach to get rid of those stains and deposits and reveal a brighter smile.

How Long Does It Take To See Results With In-Office Teeth Whitening?

An in-office teeth whitening procedure at a dental clinic employs a stronger dose of whitening agent than you’ll find anywhere else. Furthermore, the agent is mild on your teeth. A single visit to the dentist for teeth whitening can take up to an hour.

What About At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments?

In-office teeth whitening produces quicker and more durable results. It’s also really safe. You may experience some sensitivity after treatment, although this is unlikely to last long. They are more expensive than over-the-counter solutions, but the investment will be rewarded if you maintain good dental hygiene.

At-Home teeth whitening such as teeth whitening kits and strips whilst delivering short-term results, their capabilities are unknown, and without the appropriate instructions and safety precautions, it can be risky to your enamel in the long term. Hence, in-office teeth whitening is considered a safer choice.

As a result, follow your dentist’s advice and book yourself for in-office teeth whitening treatment today!

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