How Smiling Improves Mental Health

Smiling is a symbol of happiness. No matter your environment and surroundings, your smile expresses many positive joyful emotions. This is a true observation, however, your smile isn’t just linked to how you look. It also links to how you feel.

From a psychological perspective, you’re more likely to smile naturally when you’re mentally in a good space, compared to when you’re not, where even raising your facial muscles takes a lot of effort.

Therefore, the power of a smile shouldn’t be underestimated, particularly from the perspective of mental health. The psychological aspects of smiling make you feel happier, and you’re more likely to smile with a strong aesthetic appearance. How your teeth look makes all the difference! So, get yourself down to the dentist for a scale and polish as soon as you can.

With a strong aesthetic appearance, here’s how your mental health can benefit:


It Increases Self Confidence

With crooked, dirty and worn down teeth, you’re more likely to feel disappointed and sad about your smile, and it introduces negative endorphins as well. This can have a damaging impact on your self-confidence and keeps your smile hidden. The way to increase your self-confidence is through white, shiny teeth and being happy with how your teeth look. Your self-confidence will also stem from knowing that smiling is so contagious that it makes you approachable to other people.

Reduces Stress Levels

Smiling sends happiness signals to your brain, so when you smile, it reduces stress by releasing those negative endorphins. When stressed, your facial structure feels heavy and it makes it much more difficult to raise a smile naturally. Regular smiling reduces these endorphins to make you feel calmer and relaxed.

Increases Social Interactions

You’re highly unlikely to interact with anyone with crooked or damaged teeth. Your smile and how your teeth look play an important role as a first impression from other people. The way people communicate with you will be interpreted as negative with poor teeth, another reason why wearing a happy smile is so important. Plus, you will be more approachable to others.

Positive Mindset

Feeling stressed and low about your smile introduces chronically low self-esteem and a negative way of thinking about yourself. Your mindset has an incredible way of changing its link of thinking simply by raising a smile. Not only do you feel positive about yourself, you’re also going to think more positively, releasing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Girl showing off a healthy smile

Smiling sends signals to your brain to tell you that you’re happy. Although, your teeth play a vital part in this. With poor crooked teeth, you’re not likely to experience these positive emotions but are more likely to experience other dental problems. With a natural smile, it’s likely to be natural without feeling stressed or anxious about it. There are many steps you can make to protect your teeth. With many cosmetic treatments available, your aesthetic appearance can considerably improve along with having a more positive outlook. Just make sure you set your expectations first before having treatment because there are cosmetic factors that could change your opinion. A scale and polish, however, will start you on your journey to a happy and healthy smile.

At Vineyard Dental, we are motivated to transform your confidence in your smile and deliver the shade in your teeth that you’re looking for. Contact us for an appointment today.

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