Things You Need To Know Before Getting Veneers Teeth?

If you’re thinking of transforming your smile through cosmetic treatment, you’re likely to have come across dental veneers. However, before getting dental veneers, there are things you need to know first. Veneers teeth have become an increasingly popular choice, but like any treatment, you want to do the right research to be comfortable with the choice you make.

If veneers teeth are the choice of treatment you’ve made, and you’re happy with getting veneers fitted, then the next steps are to learn more about veneers teeth so that you can prepare yourself on what to expect before booking your appointment to transform your smile.

Veneers Are Not Suitable For All

Have you determined whether your oral health is strong enough to withstand dental veneers? Dental veneers require a strong natural tooth to bond against. However, if your teeth are damaged or weak, it’s difficult for the veneer to fit. Get an initial assessment of your oral health from the dentist first so they can determine whether your oral health currently withstands you as a suitable candidate for dental veneers.

Veneers Are For The Long-Term

Dental veneers, particularly porcelain veneers, are designed to last a maximum of 15 years. Once it’s fitted, they are irreversible. This means that you cannot decide to remove the veneers once you’ve grown out of your smile. Veneer teeth require long-term care. This means performing strong oral hygiene to ensure the veneers last for as long as possible.

Veneers Come With Risk

Just like any other cosmetic treatment, there is a risk of side effects. Typically, most cosmetic treatments come with some sensitivity after treatment. The dentist will make you aware at your consultation of this just to make you aware of what you may feel after treatment is complete.

Veneers Cannot Be Whitened

If you’ve fitted veneers yet you’re looking to whiten its shade, you can’t. Unlike using teeth whitening treatment for your natural teeth, it’s highly recommended that you don’t attempt to whiten your veneers. Mild abrasion can cause your veneers to scratch. Therefore, if you want the shade of your veneers to look a certain colour, book yourself in for teeth whitening treatment before the veneers are fitted to lighten your natural tooth shade.

Veneers Aren’t The Only Choice

If you’re stuck on a choice for transforming your smile, veneer teeth are a great choice, but they’re not the only one. You can speak to the dentist about the available options if you’re not sure. For example, you can go for in-office teeth whitening for your natural teeth, or another affordable choice is composite veneers.

I Want Veneers – Where Do I Begin?

If you’re seeking dental veneer treatment, it is recommended that you book yourself in for an initial examination so that the dentist can determine if your oral health is strong enough for veneer teeth. The dentist may recommend initial treatments if required, but it is important to get checked out first.

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