Is It Good To Do Teeth Whitening?

You probably have read information or heard about how many benefits getting teeth whitening can bring you. Moreover, a lot of them are real and very useful, but is it safe? Without a doubt, there is more information you need to know before going through that process. 

Keep reading if you want to know if it’s good to do teeth whitening and how to do it more safely.

couple with white teeth

Teeth whitening: Pros and cons

Having white teeth can change your appearance dramatically for good. It also gives you confidence and self-esteem, something crucial if you are a business person. Besides, carbamide peroxide is used in teeth whitening products. It has been shown that this chemical works as an oral antiseptic and reduces dental plaque.

So, teeth whitening not only can help you with the color of your teeth but also can help you keep them clean!

However, not every person is eligible for this process. People with sensitive gum and teeth should avoid teeth whitening. Besides, whitening does not work on veneers, fillings, crowns, or caps. 

It is better to always consult your dentist before doing a whitening if you belong to the groups mentioned above.

Another thing to have in mind is if your teeth are quite discolored. It might take you more sessions or more time to reach the goal of white teeth. However, it is not recommended to do too many sessions in a short period. It could not be beneficial for your teeth and gums, so you’ll need to be patient if you want healthy and good teeth whitening.

Potential risk

There are some side effects you could experience after using some teeth whitening products. Check them out so you can be prepared.

1.Tooth sensitivity

You might experience tooth sensitivity. It is usually caused by the ill-fitting of whitening trays and not by bleaching gel itself. Generally, this feeling will disappear a couple of days after you complete the treatment. In case the sensation is too intense, your dentist should recommend products with a high content of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride.

patient with gum irritation

2. Gum irritation

When bleaching agents of whitening products touch the gums, it could cause gum irritation, a burning sensation in the throat and unbearable tooth pain. This is why the dentist protects your gums while doing an in-office whitening session. So consider letting a professional guide you during this process. Anyways, the feeling will disappear a couple of days after finishing the treatment.

This does not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful and rejuvenated smile. You still can feel more confident while doing that job interview, attending that conference, or just doing your daily activities.

All you need is to have a dental health professional guide you and assist you during the process. Here’s a guide on how much it costs to get your teeth white. This way, you will avoid those annoying side effects. Cheer up and consult us about teeth whitening. Start enjoying a healthy, bright, and beautiful smile!

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