Fluoride For Toddlers And Children

Fluoride is regularly consumed by adults because it helps to fight off cavity and keep enamel strong. Although questions have been raised around the safety and use of fluoride for toddlers and children, and whether it is a safe option to use as part of a child’s oral routine.

Children are prone to more oral health complications than adults. This is because their tooth development is more vulnerable to damage, plus dental habits are more common to them.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is naturally found in water and soil, but its properties are now being used within toothpaste, and it has the following benefits:

  • Fights tooth decay and cavity
  • Reduces the loss of minerals to keep enamel strong
  • Reduces plaque build-up (Read more here.)

Fluoride amounts in toothpaste is high in concentration. One of the key questions is how much fluoride should be used to brush teeth. For toddlers and kids alike, only use a small drop of fluoride toothpaste, because higher quantities can cause more harm than good.

Known as excessive fluoride, this can actually harm tooth enamel and can cause a disorder called dental fluorosis.

Is It Safe For Toddlers and Children?

Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter, and it is beneficial that your child brushes their teeth with it. In order to prevent fluorosis, when drinking fluoridated water, there is a low infant formula that is fed in toddler feedings. Monitoring your child’s fluoride intake is important. Therefore, when brushing teeth, ensure a small amount of fluoride is used at all times.

When your child is exposed to fluoride as their teeth start to erupt and grow, it is helping to prevent tooth decay. The benefits of fluoride will help your child’s mouth development but also make sure that their adult teeth grow without any concern.

Alternatives To Fluoride Toothpaste

Children at the age of as low as 3 can use fluoride toothpaste for milk teeth. Although, there are other home remedies that can also provide the oral care your child needs. The following remedies contain fluoride based properties for healthy teeth:

  • Baking Soda – Mix baking soda together with water to form toothpaste. Brush the soda around your teeth gently with the toothbrush. Baking soda reduces plaque build-up and neutralizes acids effectively so that your enamel doesn’t become weaker.
  • Sea Salt – Mix sea salt together with water and brush your teeth as normal. Sea salt contains properties that are good for your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth that protects from any dental concerns.
  • Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil can be mixed with baking soda to consume antibacterial properties that help to reduce tooth decay.
family and check up and clean appointment

The answer is yes, fluoride toothpaste can be used for toddlers and children to brush teeth. Although, it is essential that you use with caution and avoid using large amounts as part of your child’s oral routine. This is due to the high concentration levels that can cause fluorosis.

Are you seeking advice on how to keep your kid’s teeth healthy? Click here to read the key tips for a strong oral routine for children. At Vineyard Dental, we are motivated to transform your child’s confidence and smile. Contact our Sunbury Dental clinic for the very best treatment and advice.

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